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The Peregrine Foundation is a nonprofit organization that distributes information about high-demand religious groups, totalitarian sects, intentional communities and communes. It's projects include:
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Please read Contested Narratives: A Case Study Of The Conflict Between A New Religious Movement and its Critics

by Julius H. Rubin uploaded December 30, 1998
NOTE: Prof. Rubin's book, The Other Side of Joy: Religious Melancholy Among The Bruderhof (Oxford University Press, $45) is now in print.

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The Peregrine Foundation is a charitable, educational and research public foundation created in 1992 to assist families and individuals living in or exiting from experimental social groups. Its newsletters and books inform the public-at-large about the structure and ideologies of various religious sects, communes and intentional communities.
In 1989, a modest two-page 'KIT Round-Robin' newsletter was sent to thirty names, all ex-members of a high-demand religious sect known variously as The Bruderhof, The Society of Brothers and previously as The Hutterian Brethren East. Within a year it expanded to 18,000 words, mailed each month to over 350 addresses. Two years later the all-volunteer staff created The Peregrine Foundation as the parent organization and started The Carrier Pigeon Press to publish book-length memoirs and a series titled "Women from Utopia." Other projects followed (see the list above) including annual conferences in Massachusetts and the United Kingdom, a BBS for e- mail contacts, and ongoing searches for other 'graduates' and survivors. By January, 1995, the mailing list neared 1000 with almost two million words in print. As of 1998, we changed to a subscription format that reduced the mailing list to roughly half.
Click here for an article about the evolution of the organization by its founder, Ramon Sender Barayon.

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