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Various Points of View on the Bruderhof:

For a Christian couple's reasons for leaving the Bruderhof, see:

The Bruderhof Communities: Some Personal Experiences

The Apologetics Index site has a very thorough database on Bruderhof materials.

An Australian website "The Bruderhof vs The Net" contains links as well as the full text of the 'censored' article
by Prof. Rubin, "The Other Side Of Joy."

A recently established Hutterite information website (11/99) also contains links to other Bruderhof-related sites:
The Hutterites of North America

For the Bruderhof communities' own website, see:

The Bruderhof Communities


Links To Cult Awareness Groups

American Family Foundation

Steve Hassan's Home Page (Author of Combatting Cult Mind Control)

The Ex-Cult Archive


Syzygy: Journal of Alternative Religion and Cultures

Yeakley's The Discipling Dilemma

Cult Awareness & Information Centre - Australia


Links To Campus Cult Awareness groups




Links to groups mentioned in The New York Times article

"Fringe Religious Groups Plant Temples on the Web" (May 8, 1997)


Raelian Mother Site

The Aetherius Society

Unarius Academy of Sciences