he Carrier Pigeon Press originally was founded in order to publish a book-length memoir by Roger Allain, an ex-Servant of the Word (Bruderhof minister). Roger, his wife Norah and their eight children left the Bruderhof's South American communities in 1960 at the very beginning of what came to be known as 'The Great Crisis.' They moved to Brazil, and rebuilt their life there. "The Community That Failed" (published 1992) was written as a 'roman a clef,' that is with the names fictionalized and with some composite characters. Currently out of print, a new edition of the work is planned.

Also in 1992, work began on a projected series titled "Women from Utopia," with the well-known sociologist Gertrude Enders Huntington as Series Editor. Elizabeth Bohlken-Zumpe's Torches Extinguished was published in 1993, and Nadine Moonje Pleil's Free from Bondage in 1994.

Through Streets Broad and Narrow by Belinda Manley was published in 1995, and Cast Out In The World by Miriam Arnold Holmes was added in 1997.

Also, Profesor Benjamin Zablocki has kindly made his classic study of the Bruderhof, The Joyful Community, available as a spiral-bound reprint which we offer for sale. Carrier Pigeon Press also plans to publish a photo album of 600 recently discovered photos from the Paraguayan bruderhofs (the negatives were salvaged from a trash pit by Paraguayans in 1961).

Editor Ramon Sender Barayon is also an author. Click here for more information about what books of his are available.

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