Cast Out In The World

From The Bruderhof To A Life On Her Own

by Miriam Arnold Holmes

Volume IV of the "Women From Utopia" Series, Gertrude E. Huntington, Series Editor

Introduction by Gertrude Enders Huntington

Foreword by Benjamin Zablocki, Ph.D. author of The Joyful Community: An Account Of The Bruderhof, A Communal Movement Now In Its Third Generation

Published 1997, paperback, perfect bound, 310 pages including 40x pages of photos.
The author's account of how she spent the first thirty years of her life in the Bruderhof includes her loss as a three-year-old in Paraguay of her mother, and her adjustment as a teenager to America. A granddaughter of the founder, she became a pawn in the power struggle between the sons and the sons-in-law. Shunned for two years, she finally was abandoned in her mid-twenties in an unfamiliar town with fifty dollars and a suitcase of clothes. Finally she won her battle against depression and a feeling of having betrayed her father and went on to make a life of her own outside the commune. As Professor Zablocki states in his Introduction, Miriam Arnold "provides an important perspective on the consequences of submission to life in an uncompromising, totalist religious community."

"A powerful indictment -- and wonderfully written!" John A. Hostetler

List price: $17 ISBN Number: 1-882260-12-0
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