Photos from KIT X #8-9, Aug-Sept issue

Lower Shaw Farm

The Newlyweds

Allegorical collage of the Genii of Lower Shaw Farm

photos by Charlie Lamar, Hanna Patrick Homann, and Margot Wegner Purcell

Belinda arrives!

Migg Fischli, Leonard Pavitt, Belinda Manley, Carol Beels Beck

Rosie (Johnson) Sumner

Clan Taylor-Pavitt-Cavanna

Sitting about and 'schmoozing' at Lower Shaw Farm.

The barn decorated for the wedding feast.

The Newlyweds and their children

Janet & Melchior Fros

George Maendel

Johanna (Patrick) Homann

Joseph Idiong

Bette Bohlken-Zumpe

KIT "Bruderrat"

Ricia Bernard at Friendly Crossways

Vista near Lower Shaw Farm

Christine Mathis and Carol Beels Beck

A joyful chat!

Front lawn gate at Lower Shaw Farm

Lower Shaw farmhouse

Holland family at table.

Lower Shaw Farmhouse

Charlie Lamar - Staff Photographer

Migg Fischli

"From this day forward..."

How much bliss can one man tolerate?

Nancy Ostrom and Hugh Ellison

John & Pete Holland

A present!!!

A new computer!!!

Gertie Holland, Norah Allain, Belinda Manley

Friendy Crossways chat group

Dieter Holz, Norah Allain, Phil Ellison,

Stephen Marchant & Leslie Holland

Arrivals at Lower Shaw Farm.

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